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Doreen Campbell

Doreen Campbell – fine weaving

A hand weaving exhibition that Doreen saw in the late 80’s whetted her appetite for the craft and the loom that her daughter bought for her in 1989 is the loom that she is still using today.
She is self-taught from a variety of books on the subject and still looks forward to new challenges.  In a craft with such a long history there are many standard designs and all weavers feel the need to create something new.  This is easier than it sounds!
Doreen finds all aspects of the craft fascinating – from the maths required for matching yarn and reed size to produce a given design – to the laborious threading through reed and heddles in the right order.  She finds that finally starting weaving is a relief and if the end product turns out exactly as expected then that is a real ‘high’.
She works with all types of yarn – merino wool, cotton, silk, bamboo, linen – and finds that she is always drawn to the finer yarns.
“I am in my eighties now and hope I have a good few years ahead of me; I know I will never stop weaving from choice!”

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